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Main Features

  • Automatically deletes cookies from closed tabs.
  • Whitelist/Greylist support for cookies.
  • Easily export/import your whitelist.
  • Clear all cookies for a domain.
  • Supports manual mode cleaning from the popup.
  • Easily see the number of cookies for a site.
  • Support for Container Tabs (Firefox 53+ only).


  • Add the sites you want to keep cookies for to the whitelist (permanently) or greylist (until browser restart).
  • Enable Auto-clean in the popup or settings.
  • Watch those unused cookies disappear.


Simple Settings

  • Go to Cookie AutoDelete settings.
  • Check:
    • Enable Automatic Cleaning,
    • Enable Cleanup on Domain Change,
    • Clean Cookies from Open Tabs on Startup.
  • Un-check:
    • Enable Cleanup Log and Counter,
    • Show Notification After Cookie Cleanup.

Extra For Firefox

  • Go to Cookie AutoDelete settings.
  • Check:
    • Enable Support for Firefox's Container Tabs,
    • Localstorage Cleanup (Firefox 58+).

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